Diana Alsindy is a Propulsion Design Manager, a ​bilingual science communicator, a passionate educator, and a storyteller. She leads a team of engineers building the next rocket to the moon.

She is an Iraqi refugee that was passionate about science since she was 10 years old. Diana escaped the war in Iraq in 2004 with her family after her home was a landing base for military helicopters. She is the Founder of her foundation The Arabian Stargazer; a bilingual education platform that promotes ​science and space. Her platform is popular in the Middle East with over +250,000 following. She was featured on Richard Branson's Blog, when she worked at Virgin Orbit as a Propulsion Development Engineer. She was also spotlighted at a popular Middle Eastern broadcasting network under a TV show called "Raise Your Voice" that was viewed over 1.4 million times. She was featured on The National News, BBC Arabic, Seeker, Nature journal, and more. Her science content has reached over 8 million views. 

Diana is passionate about space exploration and education ​ accessibility. She advocates for language equity in science and often engages in outreach missions internationally. She frequently hosts “midnight classes" with schools that do not have access to engineering resources, where she uses fun and easy engineering concepts and props to explain Science and Space. She is also a frequent Keynote Speaker where she engages the audience inclusively through multiple topics such as space exploration, engineering, science communication, digital accessibility, languages in science and the role of social media in education. She aspires to build rockets to the moon, and advocate for others to do the same!